Welcome to Alpha-Omega Counselling

Your journey to this website started because you may have been experiencing difficulties in your personal life or in your relationship with others.

Journeying through life, when we may be faced with very challenging relationship and personal issues, my belief is that we have an ability to cope but may need support to move forward in our life in a way that is more fulfilling. Talking to a Counsellor may be the first step to assist you in coping and managing the change to move forward.

Individuals may struggle with emotions when dealing with life changes and recent trauma. You may be experiencing feelings of loss, anger, depression, low confidence or anxiety.

Relationship, Couples and Marriage Counselling is for individuals / couples who may be experiencing issues within their relationships with partners, parents, siblings, relatives, friends and work colleagues. The client(s) may choose to come individually or together to counselling.

Counselling for IndividualsCounselling for Individuals
The therapist provides support to individuals dealing with a wide range of personal issues.
Relationship, Couples and Marriage CounsellingRelationship, Couples & Marriage Counselling
The therapist works with clients who present with a range of relationships, couples and marriage issues.

“We are sent into the world to live to the full everything that awakens within us and everything that comes toward us.”
(John O’ Donohue)